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  • 描述
         億得素(YIDESOL)系列染料是毛用活性染料的新品種,染料分子中含有溴代丙烯酰胺和乙烯砜基雙活性基團,是一套全新的不含重金屬、禁用芳香胺和AOX的羊毛活性染料,有復配增效作用,主要使用于中、深系列。它除了繼承了原有毛用活性染料所有的特點外,還具有經濟性和環保性,進一步提高了染色性能,具有更好的勻染性和色調重現性,降低了染色過程中無機鹽的用量。能滿足市場對環境和生態保護的要求以及適合所有的色牢度要求,而且具有保護羊毛纖維的作用。完全符合國際生態紡織品標準100(OEKO-TEX Standard 100)要求。

    YIDESOL series dyes are a type of dye developed based on reactive dyes and based on the structure and dyeing characteristics of wool fibers, which are more suitable for dyeing wool fibers. They have bright colors, convenient application, good levelness, and excellent fastness, especially suitable for dyeing shrinkproof and super washable wool. In recent years, people have paid increasing attention to ecological and environmental issues, and various countries have issued a series of regulations or standards related to environmental and ecological protection, clearly stipulating the prohibition of chromium mordant dyes and limiting the use of some harmful metal complex dyes. This provides greater space and opportunities for the development of reactive dyes for wool, and has now become an important category of dyes to replace chromium mordant dyes and metal complex dyes, Make the dyeing of reactive dyes on wool fibers more valued.

    YIDESOL series dyes are a new variety of wool reactive dyes, which contain brominated acrylamide and vinyl sulfone groups in the dye molecules. They are a new set of wool reactive dyes that do not contain heavy metals and are prohibited from aromatic amines and AOX. They have a synergistic effect and are mainly used in medium and deep series. It not only inherits all the characteristics of the original reactive dyes for wool, but also has economic and environmental friendliness, further improving dyeing performance, better levelness and color reproduction, and reducing the amount of inorganic salts used in the dyeing process. It can meet the market's requirements for environmental and ecological protection, as well as meet all color fastness requirements, and has the function of protecting wool fibers. Fully comply with the requirements of the International Ecological Textile Standard 100 (OEKO-TEX Standard 100).

    日曬牢度高 High Light fastness
    濕牢度好Good wet fastness
    Metal free, compliant with environmental requirements
    High fixation rate and less dye hydrolysis
    色澤鮮艷bright color
    良好的染色重現性Good dyeing reproducibilit
    用途use to: 
    Yarn, machine washable wool
    Woven and knitted fabrics after spinning and shrinking treatment
    Loose wool and carpet yarn

    方Formula:                           x%

    勻染劑Leveling agent:                   1-2%

    醋酸/醋酸鈉Acetic acid/sodium acetate:  1-3g/l

    PH 值 ph value                            3-3.5