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  • 描述
    Yide disperse liquid dye YLD series introduction:


    Dispersed liquid dye YLD series chromatography is complete, bright color.



    Dispersed liquid dye YLD series printing has high color rate, very little color

    drop, clean foot water, and extremely low COD value. Repeatable use,reduce

    sewage discharge,


    The dispersed liquid dye YLD series simplifies the process, improves efficiency

    and significantly reduces production costs.

    使用范圍:Scope of use


    Printing, dip dyeing, rolling dyeing of fully polyester woven fabrics


    Printing,dip dyeing, rolling and dyeing of all polyester knitted fabrics


    Printing and dyeing of chiffon-type fabrics

              YLD series dispersed liquid dye is a new generation of products developed by zhejiang Yide New Materials Co., Ltd. Because traditional disperse dyes have serious environmental pollution in the production and manufacturing process; In the printing and dyeing process, the dye color yield is low, can high consumption, serious sewage and difficult to handle. In this regard, Yide dispersed liquid dye YLD series has been greatly improved and enhanced.