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  • 描述
    HD型極致深色系列 活性染料
    HD type extreme dark series
    硫黑HD與黑G對比:Comparison between sulfur black HD and black G:

        ■  解決活性染料染色不夠深問題(Solve the problem of insufficient dyeing depth with reactive dyes)

    -------- 高提升性,高上染率,高固色率,染深性佳。

    --------High build up property, high dye rate, high fixation rate, and good dyeing depth.


        ■  解決活性染料染色飽和問題

    Solve the saturation problem of reactive dye dyeing

        -------- 超高強度,與市場現用染料最高強度相比,黑色高20%,其它顏色高40-50%,做到目前強度極致。

    --------Ultra high strength, compared to the highest strength of dyes currently used in the market, black is 20% higher, and other colors are 40-50% higher, achieving the current ultimate strength.


    Solve the problem of one-time success rate

    -------- 配伍性好,勻染性好,重現性好,加堿后驟染現象小, 染色一次對色成功率高。

    --------Good compatibility, good levelness, good reproducibility, small sudden staining phenomenon after adding alkali, and high success rate of color matching in one dyeing.

        ■  解決印染廢水問題

    Solving the problem of printing and dyeing wastewater

    -------- 染料經過精制,純度高,雜質少。水洗容易,廢水少。

    --------The dyes have been refined with high purity and few impurities. Easy to wash with water and less  wastewater.

        ■  一料多用,減少品種

    Multiple uses of one material, reducing variety

    -------- 可用于浸染、軋染、冷軋堆、低溫染色。

    --------It can be used for exhaustion dyeing, continuous dyeing, cold pad-batch dyeing, and low-        temperature dyeing.

    HD type extreme dark series